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How Do You Prepare Salt for a Marine Aquarium?

One of the classic fundamental questions for maintaining a saltwater aquarium is how to prepare salt and regulate the overall salt levels within the tank. This can be particularly difficult for newcomers because, unlike the concept of changing the water

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Will Unwashed Gravel Kill My Fish

One of the first and most maddening things fish owners learn when they start keeping fish is that the list of ways in which their fishy friends can perish is staggeringly long. For creatures which make up so much of

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Should You Take Fish Out Of Tank When Cleaning

Knowing if you should take fish out of tank or not is a dilemma many people have to think about. Irrespective of where your aquarium is located – in the office or at home, it will make fishkeepers happy if

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How To Clean Algae From Aquarium Glass

The sight of algae in your aquarium can be a very annoying one, especially as it makes your tank look dirty and hinders you from seeing through the tank. Algae cannot be avoided when keeping a freshwater aquarium as everything

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What’s the Best Time of Day to Feed Your Fish?

Despite the fact that most people live increasingly busier lives, most people still manage to squeeze in meals three times each day, however not always at fixed times. We also get to snack a great deal during the day to

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