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What’s the Best Time of Day to Feed Your Fish?

Despite the fact that most people live increasingly busier lives, most people still manage to squeeze in meals three times each day, however not always at fixed times. We also get to snack a great deal during the day to

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How Long to Wait before Putting Tropical Fish In a New Tank

For a whole generation, Finding Nemo became one of the touchstone cinematic experiences. In between teaching us about parenting, growing beyond our boundaries, and that ‘P. Sherman’ does, in fact, live at “42 Wallaby Way, Sydney,” the film introduced countless children

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How To Put Sand In An Established Aquarium

Aquarium fish are pets that provide relaxation and are appreciated by almost everyone. Aquariums tend to look a lot better if they are properly aerated and have a more natural habitat look with sand placed at the bottom of it.

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How do you Maintain Water Quality in an Aquarium?

It is obvious to many fishkeepers and loads of fish tank owners out there, that there are many types of fish tanks out in the market and managing the water quality differs. Each fish tank a prospective fishkeeper is thinking

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Best Fish to Buy as a Pet

So, you’ve decided that you fancy doing some fishkeeping, and you are eager to start filling your fish tank with fish. That’s great! There’s just one problem – you’re not ready to take on the responsibility that comes with maintaining

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