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How To Get More Oxygen In Fish Tanks

Owning fishes as pets come with the responsibility of making sure that they are okay at all times. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, and so it is essential to note every single detail so that

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What Is The Purpose Of A Light In A Fish Tank?

Freshwater aquarium lighting is very important in a freshwater tank. It serves many functions both to man, lower animals and plants. It is the reason you can see the person standing next to you and plants are able to produce

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What Chemicals Should I Put In My Fish Tank?

After partial water changes, the water quality of your aquarium might change. Beneficial bacteria might be lost following changes to your aquarium water and algae growth might suddenly become an issue. There is a large variety of chemicals which could

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5 Things Fish Need To Survive In A Tank

Every living thing relies on a certain number of things to be in place before they can survive. New fish are not any different as they also need things to survive in a fish tank. In their natural habitat which

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Can You Use Softened Water In A Fish Tank?

Most fish tanks do not contain softened water. Soft water aquaria often have fewer dissolved minerals, the results in the alkalinity reserve being very low. Water softeners used indoors often work by substituting calcium and other minerals in the water

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