All Pond Solutions 80/150/250/300L Marine Aquarium Fish Tank & 45-120cm Cabinet Kits – Black & White Available (80L… Price: £279.99 (as of 21/09/2020 08:30 PST- Details)

All Pond Solutions Fish Tank & Cabinet Complete Kits
80, 150, 250 &300 Litre Aquariums Available
Choose from Black or White Cabinets



Marine Fish Tank and Cabinet Complete Sets
80, 150, 250 & 300 Litre Aquariums
Cabinet To be had in White or Black Matte Finish

This marine reef aquarium is a sleek, frame-free glass fish tank packed with features which have been discreetly built into the back filtration section. The aquarium’s filtration area is completely hidden on the rear of the tank and includes multi-stage filter media boxes and a free protein skimmer.

The cabinet will provide a protected and sturdy stand in your fish tank in addition to storage for all of your aquarium equipment, fish food & fish tank accessories underneath. A shelf is included within the cabinet.

1x 1000L/H pump for 80L tanks; 2x 1000L/H pumps with 150, 250 & 300L tanks.
1x Compact removable 3-stage filtration box for 80L tanks; 2x filtration boxes for 150, 250 &300L tanks.
1x filter sponge, 1x pack ceramic rings, 1x pack activated carbon for 80L tanks; 2x filter sponge, 2x pack ceramic rings, 2x pack activated carbon for 150, 250 &300L tanks.
Free 6w 80-120L/H protein skimmer for 80L tanks; 8w 100-200L/H protein skimmer for 150, 250 & 300L tanks.
Frameless glass for quite a lot of lighting options and easy tank maintenance.

Combined Tank & Cabinet Dimensions (L x W x H):
80L Tank/Cabinet – 45cm x 45cm x 134cm
150L Tank/Cabinet – 67.3cm x 53.4cm x 137.3cm
250L Tank/Cabinet – 91.5cm x 53.3cm x 139.8cm
300L Tank/Cabinet – 120cm x 53.3cm x 142cm

Important Tank Delivery Information: Fish tanks might not be dispatched until tank guidelines have been accepted by the buyer and communicated with the supplier. Please check your Amazon account messages for copy of guidelines. Actual tank arrival date may conflict with date stated after purchase.
All Pond Solutions Fish Tank & Cabinet Complete Kits
80, 150, 250 &300 Litre Aquariums To be had
Choose between Black or White Cabinets
Includes Built-in Filtration and Pumps
Free Protein Skimmer Included

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