All Pond Solutions 16L Small Ultra Clear Glass Nano Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit Set With Filter And Light Price: £34.99 (as of 07/08/2020 18:42 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Ultra clear low iron glass fish tank
Complete with an internal filter and an LED light
5mm Thick Glass


35cm 16 Litres

The All Pond Solutions Ultra Clear glass fish tank is made with 5mm low-iron glass for the clearest view of your aquarium fish and plants.

Complete with an internal filter and an LED light this fish tank is perfect for newcomers to fish keeping. The tank’s brilliant white glass achieves a practically colourless appearance with minimal green tint, ensuring probably the most natural and vibrant views of your underwater habitat. The rimless and braceless design ensures unobstructed observations of all aquarium features such as livestock, rocks, plants and lighting.

With matching clear joints, this tank offers a sophisticated yet simple look so that it will not draw attention away from your beautiful tropical or marine aquarium set-up. Additionally it is optional corner covers to leave space for adequate ventilation once a lid is added.

250-CIF Aquarium Internal Corner Filter

Designed for submersible use only with adjustable spray bar to increase oxygen levels, this corner filter pump includes a spray bar cleaner (situated inside the spray bar for ease of cleaning), go with the flow rate controller, filter sponge and is complete with suctions caps for attaching to the corner or side of your tank.

Nano-FW LED Light

This small fish tank lighting system comes with bright but eco-friendly energy saving LED’s. The light clips onto the side of the tank and is fastened on the use of the provided screw. As a result of its size and low power consumption nature of LED lighting, this small system is an ideal choice for small tropical and/or planted fish tanks in addition to sump usage in a Marine set up.

Fish tank features:

  • 345 x 205 x 270mm (L X W x D)
  • 350 x 205 x 280mm (L X W x D) – with the base included
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • Crystal clear low-iron glass for natural viewing
  • Modern / Minimalist design – perfect for any home interior<
    Ultra clear low iron glass fish tank
    Complete with an internal filter and an LED light
    5mm Thick Glass
    Non-slip base
    Crystal clear glass for natural viewing

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