All Pond Solutions Column Cylinder Aquarium Fish Tank – JY-500 147 Litres – White Price: £484.99 (as of 25/09/2020 09:13 PST- Details)

Stylish unique modern column shaped design
500mm diameter 147L
Tank made using high quality acrylic – 360° viewing angles



These stylish latest design aquaria are manufactured the use of tough high-quality acrylics. Every hood is manufactured with handy feeding tubes, allowing easy hassle-free get right of entry to to your aquarium water.
This setup is absolutely perfect for tropical fish, the beautiful design creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere making this unit perfect for all environments including schools, workplaces and zoological displays.
These tanks come with ADS-300C LED lighting system, featuring white LEDs.

Please note; you’re going to need a plug extension to plug all 4 electrical parts in. This will want to be positioned onto a wall in the back of the aquarium hood of the aquarium to connect all appliances.

1 x 1200l/h Filter Powerhead with Venturi Aeration Nozzle supplied
ADS-300C LED Light Unit (White LEDs)
External Top-tray Filtration System within hood
Venturi Aeration Nozzle supplied for increased Oxygen Level
Air Pump with Air Pipe supplied to create Air Bubbles along bottom of tank
200w Heater Supplied
FREE 12 Months Warranty

JY-500 Specifications
Volume: 147 Litres
Dimensions: 500mm
Tank Viewing Area Height: 700mm
Overall Height of Tank: 1400mm

Important Tank Delivery Information: Fish tanks may not be dispatched until tank guidelines have been accepted by the buyer and communicated with the supplier. Please check your Amazon account messages for a copy of guidelines. Actual tank arrival date may conflict with the date stated after purchase. This item is delivered by kerbside pallet delivery and on a regular basis takes 2-3 working days.
Stylish unique modern column shaped design
500mm diameter 147L
Tank made the use of prime quality acrylic – 360° viewing angles
Stainless steel base and hood provides an amazing finish to the aquarium
LED lighting system – white LEDs

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