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Weight: 1.32~16.8kg
Material: Glass
Volume: 1.5L


Type: Fish

Weight: 1.32~16.8kg

Material: Glass

Model Number: c180731315

Volume: 1.5L

Aquariums Type: Fish Bowls

The temperature suitable for aquatic plants is preferably 21-23°C

Suitable for water grass and fish temperature is 23-26 °C

The right water temperature is suitable for the growth of aquatic plants and fish

When water plants and fish are raised together

To imagine the temperature requirements of both

Therefore, it’s endorsed that 23-25° Cis suitable

Red water plants are lower than peculiar water plants.

Appropriate range of about 20-23 °C

Otherwise, water plants cannot absorb, nutrients and carry out photosynthesis.

It is unimaginable to streteh the leaves of the plants and present them with bright red leaves.

The range of goldfish adaptation to water temperature

Larger than other ornamental fish

Can live to tell the tale in water temperatures from 0 to 38°C

But goldfish can’t stand the sudden change of water temperature

Otherwise the goldfish will get sick and even die immediately.

0°C: Goldfish is in a semi-state, basically not moving:

7-9 °C: Goldfish started to feed

9-11°C: Goldfish feeding activity is obvious

11-16°C: Goldfish can grow slowly

16-27°C: Goldfish can grow most often;

27-31. C: Goldfish breathe faster, but can grow;

31-33. C: Goldfish begin to glide, incessantly floating near the water surface: stop normal growth

33-36°C: Some frail goldfish begin to die

36-38°C: For dangerous water temperature, the water body must be cooled immediately.

Water temperature: tropical fish is a warming animal

The familys tropical omamental fsh generaly have a water temperature of 22-26°C

The breeding water temperature must be 26-30°C.

Temperature diference the temperature difference between day and night must not exceed 4-5°C

The temperature dfference between day
Weight: 1.32~16.8kg
Material: Glass
Volume: 1.5L

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