What is the Best Fish Tank to Get For a Child?

In many ways, fish is the ideal first pet. They make no noise, don’t smell, are relatively cheap to feed and there’s no need for kennelling when you go away.

Children fish tanks are an excellent gift that introduces kids to the fantastic hobby of fish keeping. The great thing today is that most fish tanks for kids come in a variety of designs that are sure to appeal to children. Kids love to get creative! The key thing is in deciding on the right fish tank and helping your child get started on a lifelong love of pets!

Fish can be the ideal first pets for children: they’re clean, relatively inexpensive to keep and great fun to watch. It is hugely beneficial to encourage your kids to have a go at owning fish, a task made easier by the colourful designs available in the wide range of low-cost children fish tanks on the market today.

What is the Best Fish Tank to Get For a Child?, Aquarium Fish Tanks UK

Every parent looks forward to their kids learning the value of taking care of someone or something precious to them. One of the more better ways to do that would be to give your children fish as pets of their own.

Cats or dogs are not really as big a deal anymore because young kids will struggle with the extra effort that goes into taking care of them. Fish, on the other hand, are relatively much easier to take care of.

In some ways, it is safe to assume that kids feel more responsibility towards their fish than they do to owning cats and dogs. Kids – with dogs or cats as – pets know when they are hungry or need a walk, fish have no way of telling them. So kids learn to be more responsible as their in-action can lead to an unfortunate incident.

To really make buy a pet fish a special thing for your little person, You should consider giving him or her a 5-gallon aquarium? And while you are still at it, giving your child a handful of fish to be nurtured and helped to grow would be a great idea.

Best Fish Tanks As A Gift for Kids

Checking for a fish tank to get for your child will help them learn the value of taking good care of a pet and teach them to love.

Owning pets also teach children about feeding patterns, responsibility, love, life and death. As is often the case, a pet fish dying is often the first experience a child has of losing a close friend and can be an important learning situation.

ImageNameDimensions (cm)More Details
What is the Best Fish Tank to Get For a Child?, Aquarium Fish Tanks UK

Fish R Fun Deco O Fish Tank 

18.7 x 37.5 x 39.5What is the Best Fish Tank to Get For a Child?, Aquarium Fish Tanks UK
What is the Best Fish Tank to Get For a Child?, Aquarium Fish Tanks UK

Fish R Fun Hexagonal Aquarium

37 x 33 x 47What is the Best Fish Tank to Get For a Child?, Aquarium Fish Tanks UK
What is the Best Fish Tank to Get For a Child?, Aquarium Fish Tanks UK

Superfish Home 8 Aquarium

20.5 x 20.5 x 25.7What is the Best Fish Tank to Get For a Child?, Aquarium Fish Tanks UK
What is the Best Fish Tank to Get For a Child?, Aquarium Fish Tanks UK

Spongebob Square Pants Aquarium Kit

39 x 24.5 x 29

What is the Best Fish Tank to Get For a Child?, Aquarium Fish Tanks UK


Key Features for Children Fish tanks should include:

  • Approved impact-resistant — glass or acrylic
  • Electrically safe. Plugs, cables and sockets being hidden or protected. Low voltage gear is readily available too
  • Covered, to deter exploratory hands and fingers
  • Colourful, as kids need bright, visual impact
  • Containing interactive or educational species
  • Used to keep bold species which don’t frighten easily

Becoming a good pet parent

Many adults feel at odds with this because it can sometimes feel like it is too early for children to be exposed to the very idea of owning fish. But that’s the whole idea of having a pet. Irrespective of age, if you have a cat or a dog or some fish in a 5-gallon fish tank, you are training yourself to be a good parent.

You would love and care for your pet like you will nurture your future children. The same way you will feed them and they become your responsibility like they do when you finally have kids. The main thing is that this is a perfect opportunity for you to teach your children about responsibilities.

Remind your children  about their role in taking care of your gift to them

Aside from teaching your kids to be a responsible pet parent, it is also a great opportunity to mould your child to also grow up to become a better individual.

One way is to begin by helping them clean their 5-gallon fish tank, so they know what to do when they need to begin cleaning it out themselves. Another good time is to make your child promise to clean around the area where the fish tank is kept. Another ideal thing that can be got from giving your child an aquarium as a gift.

Quality moments with your child

It is also handy to bear in mind gifting them a fish tank is also a chance to be a better parent to your child. When you have some downtime or have some days off from work,  are off duty, you can get your child to clean the 5-gallon fish tank with you.

The main thing is to not allow it become a regular occurrence, so your child has the option of learning to do it alone. This should be enough for you to build a stronger bond with your kid. That’s more than enough reason for you to treat this idea as more than just spending money to give a gift to your kid because of a special occasion.

Good First Fish for a Child’s First Aquarium?

Goldfish are often the fish of choice for a child’s first aquarium. Perhaps your parents replaced your childhood goldfish when they died to save the heartbreak? Either way, the truth is that these are big, messy fish that need a large aquarium and are far more work to keep properly than more modestly-sized tropical fish.

Trying to keep a goldfish in a small un-filtered tank or bowl involves exposing it repeatedly to poor water quality that could easily be termed cruelty. Not many people know that goldfish can easily live for more than twenty years when properly kept.

So, packing away the soapbox, what are the best options? Goldfish still have a place but plan ahead and get a large aquarium, perhaps even consider a pond for them to move into after a few months in a spacious tank. A far better idea is small, colourful tropical fish such as Platys (Xiphophorus maculatus) which are domesticated and come in a range of colours, all happy to mix and easy to breed.

Whatever you decide, manage expectations and don’t make the mistake of promising ‘Nemo’ in a tiny Peppa Pig aquarium! Us fish folk are a hard-hearted lot and won’t put the emotions of children above the lives of aquarium fish when asked to deliver the impossible. Key to success is patience and an understanding of the problems that come from a new aquarium that lacks the right conditions to keep fish healthy. New tank syndrome is one life-lesson that children don’t need to learn, let alone pet fish.

What’s the best fish to keep?

Goldfish aren’t the only fish to consider for a child’s tank. In fact many people find it easier to deal with tropical fish from the start.

Fish in a tropical tank are often colourful and can be kept in communities, making them far more entertaining.

Marine tanks aren’t impossible, but you would need a very committed child to consider one.

Be sensible when selecting fish. Children will undoubtedly be drawn to ‘cool’ fish at the shop, but the novelty of an Oscar or catfish soon fades as it outgrows its tank. Equally, fish like puffers or catfish can be dangerous, having either a spine or be poisonous.

If going for a community tank ensure all the fish picked are suitable. A good shop will advise you, as a fish which bullies all the others can easily dispirit children. Stocking densities should always be taken into account.

Think about what you want most from your fish. Neons, Cardinals and other tetras are brightly coloured and active and certainly keep children occupied.


Some fish benefit from not being fed for a day or two. This encourages them to forage and even eat some of the algae which may be in your tank. You can follow this up with lessons in waste and bacteria, so your child understands that too much food can pollute the tank — meaning he or she will understand the need for water changes and testing.

Fishkeeping is a fun yet educational hobby for a child. It can bring a parent and child together in a united interest and stimulate lots of conversations and learning opportunities. It’s a lot cheaper than an Xbox too!