What’s the Best Time of Day to Feed Your Fish?

Despite the fact that most people live increasingly busier lives, most people still manage to squeeze in meals three times each day, however not always at fixed times. We also get to snack a great deal during the day to help us keep ticking over during the day. From that perspective, something should be said about the pets we are responsible for, like our beautiful fish. What’s the best time of day to feed your fish? Should we feed them at the same time we eat, the same number of times or do they need their own one-of-a-kind schedule?

There’s a lot of answers to questions like this, but the answers would depend on the fish species that you keep, as well as what type of fish food that you feed them.

What’s the best time to feed your fish? For most people, the best time to feed your fish is within 3 feeding windows in a day, with morning and/or night being the most popular feeding times. This feeding style will suit the vast majority lifestyles and guarantee your fish get the perfect amount of food to live a peaceful existence.

If you’re searching for a more detailed answer to the question of what time or times to feed your fish, read on, as we’ll examine the overall rationale behind fish feeding schedules in more detail.What’s the Best Time of Day to Feed Your Fish?, Aquarium Fish Tanks UK

Despite the fact that most of the domestic fish in aquariums are fine being fed once a day, some fishkeepers want to feed their fish twice or maybe even three times consecutively.

This can be because of a wide range of reasons including:

  • More communication with their fish
  • Fish appear to be hungry a few times each day
  • The number of feedings suggested on food packaging

The frequency of how often you feed your fish will probably determine the time of day that you feed them. An automatic smart fish feeder is a no brainer if you struggle to stick to the same feeding time due to work and other family commitments you might have.

For those feeding their fish three times a day, feedings should be spread equally throughout the day. This means a morning, evening, and night feed – with very minimal portions each time.

For the fishkeepers who feed just once a day, the feeding time you decide on is also flexible and can be adapted to your needs. The fundamental thing to remember is not to overfeed your fish. If you do then you should consider looking through the guides we have for keeping your aquarium water conditions at their best.

So When Should Dinner Time for Your Fish Be?

The key thing to be aware of is that there isn’t any huge proven benefit to sticking to a particular single time of the day to feed your fish. It’s not of any great significance. You can choose to feed them at 10 am, 10 pm or 15:15, it’s truly up to you. Extraordinary news eh, especially for those of us with occupied schedules and lifestyles?

My personal preference is to stick to the same time of day every day as much as possible. Remember Pavlov’s dogs? Animals are all the same and their expectations are not far off each other. Sticking to the exact same feeding time for your fish is understandably not always feasible, hence this recommendation for feeding options.

All things considered though, while feeding your fish is okay to do ant any point during the day, there are a few things you might need to consider before setting a schedule. Things like giving yourself time during the day to be present for feeding, as well as being able to remove any uneaten foods from the aquarium. Uneaten leftovers, like, bloodworm, feeder fish, and shrimp can quickly become toxins for your fish.

You also might need to factor in any planning time for the food that you are providing for your fish. Live mosquito hatchlings need getting and then serving, while solidified foods might need defrosting. For the most part, even stock dried food can require some prep work before being given to certain species of fish. As such, you have to take into account both planning and tidy up time when settling on the hour of the day for feeding your fish.

Special cases To The Rule

As previously mentioned, there are some exemptions to the routine you pick for feeding your fish. These factor in feeding nocturnal fish who will be essentially sleeping during the day. This implies, obviously, there is no reason for feeding them during this time as they won’t be awake enough to eat it. The best time to feed nocturnal fish would be as you are hitting the sack yourself. This is on the grounds that you will switch your aquarium lights off and the ‘night owls‘ will be awake to enjoy their meals.

Herbivorous fish, as plant eaters, is also a special case to the standard in view of their characteristic feeding conduct. These fish eat essentially for the duration of the day, paying little heed to time, which means they are ravenous more often than not. This yearning is because of herbivorous fish having little stomachs that cutoff the sum they can eat in one sitting. It is suggested that you feed fish that fall into the plant-eating classification five to six times each day.

Conclusion – What’s the best time of day to feed your fish?

Adhering to the general guideline that most fish can be fed during a period of the day that also suits you – is pretty much in every case, good practice. As appeared above, with herbivores and nocturnal fish there are consistently individual fish who simply don’t adhere to the principles.

And that’s not to mention the fish species that will hound you for food for as long as they can and before you know it, have you on their schedule instead of yours – if you let them!